Step by step instructions to Import Contacts From MSN Messenger Using a Hotmail Email Address

Step by step instructions to Import Contacts From MSN Messenger Using a Hotmail Email Address




This guide will tell you the best way to take a clients hotmail email address and download or import their contacts automatically utilizing ASP.NET.


This sort of highlight is valuable on the off chance that you are building a Web 2.0 site, an interpersonal interaction site or anything like mystic messenger email guide what can profit by clients having the option to handily import their contacts from MSN Messenger into your site. You can see this sort of usefulness on numerous sites today including MySpace, Facebook and Groupbox. I referenced Groupbox in light of the fact that that is obviously my site. Groupbox is a site for online gatherings and the component you are going to learn is one that I executed to make it simple for clients to import their MSN detachment contacts.


In the wake of perusing this guide you will have the option to: Import a clients contacts from MSN Messenger utilizing their MSN Hotmail email address and MSN Password.


What you will require: I’ll have to expect you know somewhat about programming on the web, the .NET structure, and for this situation some VB.NET.


A great part of the work for bringing in contacts from MSN Messenger has been accomplished for you by a gathering called XIH. They have a class library named the DotMSN Messaging library. We will require this class library so I’ve incorporated a connect to my blog where you can download it at the base of the article.


The class library does numerous things yet we are simply going to utilize it to recover a clients contact email addresses.


Bringing in contacts from MSN MessengerWe will accomplish this by making a capacity that will restore an ArrayList of email address’ that you would then be able to use in your website.Here is the capacity I’m utilizing that imports the contacts and returns them as an ArrayList:



Open Shared Function GetMessengerContacts(ByVal username As String, ByVal secret key As String) As ArrayList


Diminish sEmail As String = username


Diminish sPassword As String = secret key


Diminish sConnected As Boolean


Diminish iCountactsFound As Integer


Diminish aReturn As New ArrayList


Diminish DotMSN As XihSolutions.DotMSN.Messenger = New XihSolutions.DotMSN.Messenger


DotMSN.Credentials.Account = sEmail


DotMSN.Credentials.Password = sPassword


DotMSN.Credentials.ClientID = “”


DotMSN.Credentials.ClientCode = “Q1P7W2E4J9R8U3S5”








sConnected = DotMSN.Connected


For Each contact As XihSolutions.DotMSN.Contact In DotMSN.ContactList.All




iCountactsFound = iCountactsFound + 1






Catch ex As Exception


‘There was a mistake


End Try


Return aReturn


End Function



As should be obvious it utilizes the DotMSN class library so ensure you have the XihSolutions.DotMSN.dll in your receptacle index.


You will see two things you might not have been expecting, right off the bat that the MSN arrange requires a ‘ClientID’ and ‘ClientCode’. Don’t hesitate to utilize the ones I’ve given here. Observe thou that these may get invalid later on so if that is the situation, either reach me or do a quest for some new ones. I’ve been utilizing these certifications for two or three years without issue.


Besides, the line that peruses System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(10000) may have grabbed your eye. Immediately, I’ve discovered that solitary a segment of the contacts are downloaded. Clearly the DotMSN work runs nonconcurrently and therefore, I put this respite in to let it get up to speed. There are most likely neater methods of doing this but since some random client just imports their contacts every once in a while it doesn’t appear to be a problem.Third, you should catch the client’s username and secret key in a safe domain.



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