10 Google Certification Tips (expert your test!)

10 Google Certification Tips (expert your test!)

10 Google Certification Tips (expert your test!)


The Level 1 test was made for instructors who are utilizing G Suite for Education, Chrome books, Google Classroom, and so forth, consistently. The Level 2 test was made for instructors who are not just utilizing the items for the level 1 test, but on the other hand know about things like Blogger, YouTube, Google Maps, and Groups. Ensure you comprehend the apparatuses and abilities that are remembered for the test that you plan on taking. I don’t have space in this post to dive into the subtleties of the level 1 and 2 test.  More info  https://www.examfree.in/


In the event that you are simply beginning, bounce over to my point by point post on each of the 5 Google accreditation tests. This post will reveal to you all that you have to think about every confirmation. Take a stock of your skills2. Take a stock of your abilities Google Certified Trainer Eric Curts made a thorough rundown of the aptitudes that are tried on the Level 1 and 2 tests.


Before you take your test, invest some energy taking a stock of your abilities to check whether there are items that you may need to work on utilizing before the test. Set up an investigation plan3. Set up an examination plan in the wake of auditing the aptitudes agenda from Eric Curts, recognize the items that you have to become familiar with and make an arrangement to build up your abilities!


This can mean working through the Google preparing focus modules, introducing the G Suite preparing Extension, or viewing YouTube instructional exercises. You may likewise need to think about going to my program, the Google Certification Academy. During this 2-day occasion we will investigate the entirety of the basic devices remembered for the level 1 and 2 confirmation tests.


Practice! 4. Practice!


Study is significant, however you likewise should utilize G Suite items and devices consistently. Ensure you are utilizing Gmail, Drive and Calendar consistently. Invest energy utilizing Google Sites and YouTube for your next task. Fuse these apparatuses into your study hall with your understudies; don’t hold up until you are affirmed!


Discover a Friend!5. Discover a companion


Getting ready for the affirmation tests without anyone else is forlorn and exhausting. Discover an associate who is likewise keen on winning their confirmation and work together. It is ideal to work with somebody who you can meet with up close and personal, however in the event that that is impossible, join the Google Educator Certification Group on Google+ and you can associate with different teachers searching for a “study mate.” Don’t hold up until you “feel” ready! You’re part of the way through my rundown of 10 Google Certification Tips. We have five more to go! This next one may be the most significant, however you presumably won’t care for it!

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