Google Cloud Certification Challenge

Google Cloud Certification Challenge

Google Cloud Certification Challenge

Google Cloud are eager to invite you to take part in a Google Cloud Certification challenge. This 6-10 week program will provide you access to free training and is intended to prepare one to your Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer certification examination. More info

Exclusive free access to Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer training to prepare you for the certification examination (fee required however reimbursed by the VA). All training can be obtained on the internet and assessments may be scheduled to get internet, remote proctoring or even at a local test center. The prescribed learning will be supplemented with office and webinars hours hosted by Google Cloud technical coaches and Cloud Accredited Google Veterans.

Should you try the certification examination a fee is necessary, but you could request reimbursement from the Veterans Administration. The VA admits Google Cloud certification examinations as reimbursable certification examinations to get qualified US Veterans coated beneath a GI Bill. (Additional details regarding test fee reimbursement can be found on the Education and Training page of the GI Bill site )

This program is totally online, so there is no need to display as much as a classroom in person. You are able to get your prescribed Registration anytime and anywhere via the internet or your own mobile device. Online reviews and hours will be recorded and the records will be made available if you’re not able to attend.

Cloud abilities are in demand. Google Cloud abilities are notably in high need, using a 66.74% growth over the last year in project listings. Cloud certifications are a excellent way to show your abilities to the bigger IT marketplace. Not only does it support your own cloud abilities and expertise to recruiters, it shows your value to a present employer. Obtaining licensed can open up opportunities to advance in your business and might assist in another review of your compensation package.

Review the proposed requirements, say your interest below and Google will contact you by June 1 together with additional information and a exceptional connection to get training and start your journey into certification.

What’s the Associate Cloud Engineer?

An Associate Cloud Engineer deploys software, monitors operations, and oversees enterprise solutions. This person can utilize Google Cloud Console along with the command-line port to carry out common platform-based activities to keep one or more deployed solutions that leverage Google-managed or self-managed providers on Google Cloud.

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