Stop Scoring Own Goals

Own objectives are activities, things we do, that prevent us from arriving at where we need to go or what we need to acquire. At the point when we are out of center, when we are at odds with what’s happening, when we accomplish something which takes us the other way of where we were going or ought to be going, we have scored an own objective. At times they happen inadvertently, some of the time deliberately and once in a while essentially on the grounds that we make a decent attempt.

First Own Goal

To quit scoring the primary own objective, answer the accompanying inquiries:

What is my core interest?

What do I deeply desire?

At the point when you have an unmistakable concentrate then you become more mindful of your capacities and what you need to add to be fruitful. In any case, we normally do it the reverse way around. We work out what our capacities are and afterward choose what we should zero in on. We carry on with our lives like an insect in a bug bazaar.

How would you prepare bugs? It’s simple; first you gather them and put them in a match box. At that point you close the crate. They continue bouncing, hitting all sides of the case, until they get a migraine, and out of nowhere, the clamor stops. You at that point open the crate and the insects will just leap to the stature of the first match box.

What number of us are this way?

We have figured out how to hop just to the stature of the case we have been kept in and in some cases at the heading of the mentor. The outcome is, in any event, when you remove us from our containers, we don’t leap to our actual potential.

To get an opportunity of arriving at your actual potential your center should come from your sentiments.

What might you truly want to accomplish in your life?

What is that secret dream?

What is that felt that you are terrified to recognize?


First recognize your Focus

Our theory is that this is the manner in which you have run the best pieces of your life to date. You as of now have the experience.

Assuming you know where you are going, ซานโตรินี่ begin taking a gander at where the own objectives are happening. Is it true that you are scoring own objectives in light of the fact that the energy is no more? On the off chance that you have the correct center your energy is normally high. Thusly on the off chance that you don’t have the energy for your center you don’t have the right core interest. Whenever you have distinguished it, it is essential to keep your point and objective before you. Allow it to drive every one of your musings and practices else you will get lost in transit.

Keep in mind:

Your capacities and abilities will create as you seek after the core interest.

Your energy is influenced by your core interest.

Second Own Goal

Another normal way we prevent ourselves from accomplishing is; we work out of the ‘need box’ instead of the ‘need box’. It is essential to separate WHAT YOU NEED FROM WHAT YOU WANT. Assuming you seek after your requirements instead of your needs, you have more possibility of carrying on with a more joyful life and arriving at your core interest.

On the off chance that you live in the need box (for example assuming just I had this, I would be glad) you begin putting conditions to your center the most widely recognized own objective we score.

Third Own Goal

What sort of relationship do you have with:



How you treat yourself?

How would you treat others?

All that relationship can have is a Win/Win, a relationship where I win and you do as well. We both feel we have accomplished what was conceivable. The outcome is adequate to the two sides. Neither one of the persons feels hurt, utilized or manhandled by the experience. In a Win/Win relationship, I have a positive outlook on myself and I have a positive outlook on my center; what I’m attempting to accomplish. At the point when I do commit errors I don’t promptly get harmful to myself , I simply stop to think and look at what’s occurred

Or then again, maybe your style is a Win/Lose style, where you win and the other individual loses. A style ordinarily utilized by forceful deals people and money managers. They have practically zero interest in the other individual gave they purchase the item or get in line. Another method of playing a Win/Lose game is by submitting what is presently called a ‘proficient foul’. On the off chance that you can’t win you plan something for stop the other individual winning.

Ask yourself: what number ‘proficient fouls’ have I submitted for this present month? It tends to be something as simple as moping or scowling.

When you go into a relationship, do you go into it to Win/Win or Win/Lose?

On the off chance that your confidence is low you may find that your experiences and connections are based on a Lose/Win situation. In these connections one individual gives in constantly to empower the other individual to Win. It could be covered in the expression, ‘I would prefer not to raise any ruckus’ or ‘I wouldn’t fret what occurs, you settle on the choice’. How often do you cause individuals to feel frustrated about you? Exemplary I Lose you Win conduct. You part with all your force constantly and I can’t help thinking about why you don’t accomplish anything and feel despondent constantly.

As far as we can tell the most dangerous relationship is one dependent on Lose/Lose. On these events an individual enters the relationship or discussion with the outlook that in the event that I can’t win nobody is going to. This conduct is dangerous.

When playing football or some other group activity do you consider yourself to be taking part in an opposition of winning and losing? Or then again do you consider it to be I am a major part in a group with a task to carry out and my responsibility is to accomplish my own best in the present circumstance? After a significant race or game the inquiry an expert sportspersons pose to themselves or their mentor is, ‘Did I perform to or beat my own best this time’?

The main inquiry to pose is:

Did I play out my own best on this event?

Winning isn’t the issue. What is important is did I perform or surpass my own best?

The Own Goal is scored when we don’t have a clue what our own best is. We have no action on our exhibition thus we will in general take choices in life that remove us from Win/Win connections.

Shared benefit for us is living in my own best, the outcome is I play better, the group plays better and the best group on the day wins.

Forward Own Goal

“In the event that you comprehended the force of your considerations you would be terrified to think” a shrewdness manager once advised me.

As such your force is in your considerations. Your contemplations drive your activities. Thus, get your musings right and right activities should follow. With regards to this article, the right considerations are about you. How would you see yourself? How would you see others?

One method of changing the manner in which you believe is to treat your mind and thinking measure similarly grounds-keepers treat their nurseries, as such do some ‘Cultivating of the Brain”

In the event that you are a landscaper the primary thing you do is assess the nursery. Recognize the blossoms, developed bushes and so on and the weeds. In the event that you are new to cultivating the main occupation is to recognize which are the blossoms and which are the weeds.

Presently do likewise with your contemplations:

Which of your musings would you arrange as Weeds?

What practices would you arrange as the weeds in your day to day existence?

In the event that you are a Gardener you would now uncover and eliminate the weeds and supplant them with your number one blossoms.

Which of your considerations are your #1 blossoms?

Which practices would you relocate as your #1 blossoms?

The framework to quit scoring the own will likely Recognize, Remove and Replace all negative and pointless musings.

Perceive, Remove and Replace all contemplations that stop you accomplishing your core interest.


The majority of the things we do are HABITS.

I have a spotlight which is based on abilities as opposed to capacities are found to assist me with accomplishing my core interest.

I run my life on what I think I need rather that what I need.

I assemble connections on rivaling others or yielding to others instead of attempting to beat my own best.

I invest energy appreciating and creating weeds in my nursery as opposed to supplanting them with blossoms.

You should simply transform them. In this article we have proposed that you will have a more beneficial and more joyful life in the event that you change to your common way. At the end of the day as opposed to learning another method, simply forget your current idea examples and conduct by doing what falls into place without a hitch. Zero in on accomplishing your latent capacity. Zero in on what you truly need throughout everyday life. Zero in on accomplishing your own best consistently. Zero in on being a bloom as opposed to a weed.

Each time you get yourself not speculation along these lines, you will have scored another own objective.


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