Robinho, Robson de Souza

Date of birth: 25.01.1984

Nation: Brazil

Club: Santos

Tallness: 170 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Job: forward

Life story

A supposed “new Pele” shows up in Brazil consistently. Football columnists frequently give this name to great, however not super-skilled, footballers. As of late we have a chance to watch a birth of another football “marvel”.

Also, Pele himself has opened this “wonder”. In 1999 an extraordinary master returned to his dear Santos to be a love seat for developing youth. During the principal day of his work he saw a 15-years of age fellow named ROBINHO.

Subsequent to preparing Pele went to a kid and told he helped him to remember himself in his young years. Furthermore, truly, they truly looked like each other a great deal – both dark, slender and with brassy grins, that toss into disarray.

Pele was happy to such a bonus. This teen adapted to a ball capitally. Pele welcomed a kid’s dad for the following preparing. An incredible player stressed that climate a kid was raised in can harm his football transporter.

Brazil – is the biggest producer of meat, sugar, espresso… what’s more, proficient footballers on the planet. Youthful folks from everything urban communities would like to be footballers – สล็อต ทั้งหมด this fantasy is presumably the most famous in Brazil. Capacity to play football – is one of indications of their ethnicity. Be that as it may, social imbalance is likewise broad in Brazil. Though working class brings in cash, equivalent to European, the most unfortunate gatherings are simply having a flat broke existence. Football is one of few different ways to get away from destitution for a large number of Brazilian young men. There’s additionally miserable other option – wrongdoings and offer of medications.

ROBINHO needed to get through every one of these difficulties. He was brought into the world in one of the least fortunate region of the city. His dad was a standard handyman, mother – a charwoman. His family had no cash. His lone enthusiasm was playing with a ball since morning till night. ROBINHO figured out how to keep away from traps of helpless Brazilian youth – medications and misconduct.

Yet, we should get back to that preparation. Father accompanied his child the next week. Pele was getting some information about his child’s conduct at home and in school for a long. Before long the “Football King” needed to change his line, however his rebukes were not lost on them.

After three years, being 18, Robin made his presentation in Santos primary group. His group companion Diego and he became starts of the period. In 2002 this couple leaded Santos to a top dog’s title in public Brazilian title… after 20 years. Diego showed his value as an innovative half-back, however Robinho overshadowed everyone. Youthful forward figured out how to score 9 objectives in 29 matches.

He showed striking spill and befuddled adversary’s full-backs effortlessly. This footballer even had his own stunt «pedalada». ROBINHO was agile and perky, e genuine Brazilian style could be seen in his conduct on field. Papers began considering this person a virtuoso – an ability, which is conceived once in an age. As indicated by a season’s outcomes, ROBINHO was known as the best Brazilian “objective kicker”.

In 2004 ROBINHO ” detonated” – 21 objectives in 36 matches. His hasty climb might measure up to a space flight. As indicated by a season’s outcomes, press and fans made a fight of him. Toward the finish of 2004 a misfortune occurred in his family – his mom was kidnapped. After two months Marina was discovered, they figured out how to get her back for deliver.

As of late in Germany Confederations Cup occurred, where ROBINHO figured out how to show his value in an “grown-up” group and even play in last against Argentina.

European grands – Real, Chelsea, Milan, Bavaria, Liverpool and Barcelona have been chasing for this person every one of these years. Today ROBINHO’s fantasy is to move to Europe. Clubs have simply to fix up monetary issues. In any case, numerous fans consider ROBINHO is as yet not prepared for Europe.

Execution credits

We can list ROBINHO’s benefits as long as we can. We will simply take note of that this person is quite possibly the most “shrewd” major parts in South America. “Little Robin” has brilliant strategies, superb spill, fast feet and magnificent speed.

But at the same time there’re minuses. Here and there ROBINHO’s acknowledgment fails to impress anyone. Additionally, there’s sure flimsiness, forward has downturns. However, this can be because of his young age.


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