Fantasy Football Draft Advice – Defense & Kickers


There comes a period in your dream draft when you have your beginning QB, a few RBs, three or four WRs, and perhaps your Tight End dealt with. Adding profundity is vital, however don’t disregard the worth of a first class safeguard. The beneficial thing about guards are the tip top ones don’t will in general change from one year to another regardless of wounds and turnover. Take the Giants for instance. Who might have figured they would have a world class protection after Strahan resigned and Osi went down? However, they did. Philly has had players come and abandon thinking twice. Ponder how long Pittsburgh and Baltimore have been tip top dream protections.

The top dream protections dependent on Average Draft Position are:

Pittsburgh – eighth round

Baltimore and NY Giants – ninth round

Minnesota – tenth round

You can decided to delay until the eleventh or 12 round, expecting there is anything but a sudden spike in demand for safeguards, and land San Diego, Chicago, Philadelphia, NY Jets or Tennessee.

Relax on the off chance that you pass up one of the top D’s. There are as yet extraordinary qualities to be had later like New England, Green Bay, Dallas, and Washington, yet landing Pittsburgh D can be a distinction producer. A portion of the players going in the eighth round alongside Pittsburgh D are Jamal Lewis, Julius Jones, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Percy Harvin. Jamal and Julius have little potential gain. Ahmad and Julius have extraordinary potential, however can you truly depend on them any given week? In the interim Pittsburgh is a fitting and play. You don’t need to stress over matchups. You simply use them consistently.


Recently we examined being striking and taking a top safeguard early. Since the top guards don’t will in general change from year-to-year, it’s a determined danger. Kickers, then again, are considerably more of an unpredictable mess. Indeed, since 2002 there have just been two Kickers to be in the main five in focuses in continuous seasons.

Stephen Gostkowski is one of the consecutive Kickers so he might be the special case, in spite of the fact that his normal draft position is the eleventh round. แทงบอล บอลเลื่อน I see no motivation behind why New England’s offense doesn’t keep on scoring in packs, however by and by I would prefer to get a first class protection or give profundity to another key position. Obviously, I am not against dumping the Kicker position all together, however that is a subject for an alternate day. In case you are drafting a Kicker dependent on last year, you’ll likely pass up this great opportunity. Here’s a gander at the main five point scorers from 2002-2008.


Stephen Gostkowski – 148

David Akers – 144

John Carney – 143

Matt Bryant – 131

John Kasay – 130


Artisan Crosby – 141

Stephen Gostkowski – 137

Ransack Bironas – 133

Scratch Folk – 131

Shayne Graham – 130


Robbie Gould – 143

Nate Kaeding – 136

Jeff Wilkins – 131

Matt Stover – 121

Josh Scobee – 119


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