Prostheses and Robotic Haptic Gloves Technology – Rethink and Innovation

There has been mind blowing and quick progression in clinical prostheses and haptic mechanical arms and gloves. These frameworks have pressure sensors and can get a success glass or an egg without breaking it. How is that conceivable you inquire? All things considered, this science has made some amazing progress and with each new application researchers are attempting to defeat difficulties.

Presently then, at that point, imagine a scenario in which we did a complete reevaluate of the What is haptic gloveswith the pressing factor sensors and imagine a scenario in which we put the pressing factor sensors within the glove. What could we utilize these for? In the event that we change the haptic pressing factor sensors to within the glove and put that glove on a human hand we would know the power at which the hand applied to a movement. Maybe, utilizing one of JS Callahan’s advancements with LEDs.

Then, we put LED lights outwardly of the glove, we can record the developments on an optical catch gadget. Why? Indeed, what about for use in Sign Language optical acknowledgment, to assist with peopling who can’t hear? This way an optical peruser would have almost no mistakes when perusing gesture based communication and could then go from Sign Language to Speech or from Sign Language to Text effectively working on the acknowledgment for the AI programming.

At this moment the current frameworks for gesture based communication are OK, yet we could truly improve them? Also, why not utilize this extraordinary innovation that we as of now need to make life somewhat simpler for the whole mankind. Maybe, a break mechanical technology group some place like MIT could get this going in their extra time? Think on this.


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