Ways to Overcome Your Nerves Before the Match

Just before any sporting event it is perfectly normal to be a little nervous; this is especially true if it is your very first game! It is natural to be a little anxious about the impending football game.

Anxiety is natural and is overcome over a period of time, during my first football match I was shaking and sweating. The night before the game I couldn’t sleep a wink, now when it comes to playing my favourite sports it is a breeze. Looking back I cannot really see what all the commotion was about. I’d like to suggest a few tips which help me to focus properly and shake of that pregame anxiety.


Most experienced athletes know their bodies and understand what they are and are not capable of, it is possible your anxiety is caused by concern for the outcome of your football match. Calming yourself down is an important step towards pregame relaxation. Get comfortable and take some deep breaths, in and out. Managing your breathing according to WebMed.com sends messages to your brain telling it to calm down and relax; this message is then in turn sent out to your body. Its probably one of the most simple exercises to reduce pre match nerves and your relaxed appearance might even make other team members feel relaxed.


On the pitch there are so many possible distractions to name a couple the crowed, the weather, the opposition. Concentrate on the task in hand and think about the game, worrying about all of the distractions around you will sap vital concentration and energy. Look to win and don’t look back, even when your team is behind by a goal. วิเคราะห์บอล5

Trust your skills

Your on the pitch, or set to play on the pitch – this generally means you have the skills to perform in a good game of football, why else would your mentors and coach have put you forward as an ambassador of your football team? Trust the skills you have gain during training and practice to compete in each and every football game from today and going onwards in to the future.

Be prepared

No matter how much you go through the possible scenarios in your head and making rapid assessments of the way in which you want the game to turn out – this type of preparation can help when planning that winning goal or defensive save.


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