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Soccer positions are of fundamental importance when one chooses to play soccer. Soccer is a game played among 22 players, eleven players in each group; with one goalkeeper and ten field players altogether in each group. The goalkeeper’s job is to some degree obvious; this present player’s job is to keep objectives from scoring. He plays in the objective with exceptional gloves and orders his six yard box with power. The goalkeeper additionally sets what is known as a “divider” when a free kick is given against his group and relying upon how a long way from objective the spot kick is given; the quantity of people in the divider changes. This soccer position is one of the main situations on the field and in the game. น้ำดีคอมมิสชั่นสูง

The other ten players’ positions change depending of the arrangement the group picks. The situation of the sweeper or focal safeguard is likewise a soccer position that is vital as he secures the goalkeeper and covers for different protectors by making basic handles and captures. The man markers play before the sweeper and their essential obligation is to keep the contradicting advances from scoring. The wing backs or full backs play on the left and right half of the safeguard and they have a necessary impact of the group’s assaults and protection.

The midfielders and advances positions are crucial in the group’s assaults; develop and in the formation of scoring openings. The midfielder’s essential obligation is to supply and set out scoring open doors for the group’s advances, which thus scores objectives.


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