2010 NFL Week 3 – The Jets Beat The Dolphins On Sunday Night Football

The New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins have one of the most fun rivalries going in all of football. These two teams have played important games with playoff implications against each other over the years. They have even played games where one of the teams appears to be much more talented than the other, but in the end it mattered little. They seem to always play very tough games together, regardless of which team is favored.

Sunday Night Football on September 26th, 2010 featured a great matchup between these two rivals, the Jets with a tough defense and the blossoming Mark Sanchez against the Dolphins with new quarterback Chad Henne, their famous Wildcat Offense, and a pretty highly thought of defense themselves. This would end up being a great game to put on in prime time on network television.

The Jets struck first and would take a 14-10 lead into halftime. The second half would be very exciting with some big plays, crucial challenges, and lead changes. The entire game would come down to the last two possessions. First the Jets drove down the field in a rather efficient manner and were on the verge of scoring just before the two minute warning. A touchdown and extra point would put them up by eight points and the announcers debated different strategies involving the Jets purposefully not scoring in an effort to run more time off the clock or the Dolphins purposefully letting them score so they would get the ball back with as much time as possible. ผลบอลสด

In the end, the Jets scored quickly and after the kickoff the Dolphins had one minute and 48 seconds to score a touchdown and two point conversion to tie the game. Chad Henne marched the Dolphins down the field and Miami had more than one shot to win the game. The 4th and eight pass into the end zone was broken up by the Jets defense and after Mark Sanchez knelt down, the clock would tick down to zero and the Jets would escape Miami with a win over a strong division rival.

With both teams having such good defenses and exciting offenses, not to mention what appears to be two very good young quarterbacks, the Jets – Dolphins rivalry appears to be headed for even more great games in the future. But on Sunday Night Football on September 26th, 2010, the Jets would be the team coming out on top.


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