Fantasy Football Player Rankings

Fantasy Football player rankings are very useful when executing your fantasy football online drafts or establishing your pre-rankings for your offline drafts. When evaluating the NFL players, we assumed a standard league scoring configuration. The configuration assumes a starting roster of 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 1 K and 1 D/ST. Points are awarded for the following actions:

Passing: 1 point for every 25 yards, 4 points for each Touchdown, and negative 2 for each Interception

Rushing: 1 point for every 10 yards, 6 points for each Touchdown, and negative 2 for each fumble lost

Receiving: 1 point for every 10 yards, 6 points for each Touchdown

Kicking: 3 points for every Field Goal made and 1 point for each successful Extra Point

Defense: 2 points for every fumble covered, 2 points for every interception, 1 point for every sack, 2 points for each shutout and 2 points for each safety

There are many other statistics and scoring systems that can be used, so make sure to make adjustments to the rankings based on scoring differences found in your league.


D. Brees (NO)

A. Rodgers (GB)

P. Manning (IND)

M. Schaub (HOU)

P. Rivers (SD)

T. Brady (NE)

T. Romo (DAL) w88 mlivethai

B. Favre (MIN)

E. Manning (NYG)

J. Cutler (CHI)

J. Flacco (BAL)

K. Kolb (PHI)

M. Ryan (ATL)

D. McNabb (WAS)

B. Roethlisberger (PIT)

C. Palmer (CIN)

K. Orton (DEN)

C. Henne (MIA)

D. Garrard (JAC)

V. Young (TEN)

M. Moore (CAR)

A. Smith (SF)

J. Freeman (TB)

M. Hasselbeck (SEA)

M. Stafford (DET)

Running Back

C. Johnson (TEN)

A. Peterson (MIN)

M. Jones-Drew (JAC)

R. Rice (BAL)

M. Turner (ATL)

S. Jackson (STL)

F. Gore (SF)

C. Benson (CIN)

R. Mendenhall (PIT)

R. Mathews (SD)

D. Williams (CAR)

S. Greene (NYJ)

R. Grant (GB)

J. Charles (KC)

P. Thomas (NO)

M. Forte (CHI)

J. Stewart (CAR)

K. Moreno (DEN)

J. Best (DET)

B. Wells (ARI)

J. Addai (IND)

L. McCoy (PHI)

F. Jones (DAL)

R. Brown (MIA)

R. Williams (MIA)

C. Spiller (BUF)

M. Barber (DAL)

J. Harrison (CLE)

B. Jacobs (NYG)

B. Tate (HOU)

A. Bradshaw (NYG)

F. Jackson (BUF)

C. Williams (TB)

R. Bush (NO)

D. Brown (IND)

M. Bush (OAK)

D. McFadden (OAK)

T. Jones (KC)

C. Portis (WAS)

M. Hardesty (CLE)

J. Forsett (SEA)

D. Sproles (SD)

S. Slaton (HOU)

T. Hightower (ARI)

L. Tomlinson (NYJ)

L. Maroney (NE)

J. Jones (SEA)

W. McGahee (BAL)

T. Choice (DAL)

A. Foster (HOU)

Wide Receiver

A. Johnson (HOU)

R. Moss (NE)

L. Fitzgerald (ARI)

D. Jackson (PHI)

R. Wayne (IND)

C. Johnson (DET)

R. White (ATL)

S. Rice (MIN)

A. Boldin (BAL)

B. Marshall (MIA)

S. Smith (CAR)

M. Austin (DAL)

M. Colston (NO)

S. Smith (NYG)

G. Jennings (GB)

V. Jackson (SD)


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