The Marseille Scandal – How Blind Ambition Won and Lost European Glory

That was unquestionably the situation with the French club Olympique de Marseille of the last part of the 1980’s and mid 1990’s. Marseille were the best club in France as dazzling in their splendid white soccer outfits they won the French first division (Ligue 1) four seasons in succession, and their splendid run of accomplishment finished in 1993, when they turned into the very first (and till now the main) French club to win the European Cup.

The man behind Marseille’s prosperity was Bernard Tapie. Tapie was an exceptionally fruitful finance manager and sports darling who previously ran a cycling crew and had been a pastor in the French government when he took over Marseille Football Club and chose to move it to the extremely top, in France as well as all over Europe and in the long run the World. To seek after his vision Tapie put an enormous amount of cash in the club, marking a portion of the cream of European players of the period, including Jean-Pierre Papin, Chris Waddle, Klaus Allofs, Abedi Pel, Didier Deschamps, Marcel Desailly, Rudi Vller and Eric Cantona. On the training front, Tapie, a profoundly alluring character, even prevailed with regards to convincing Kaiser Franz Beckenbauer to leave his darling Bayern Munich to deal with the club for a season

A man of colossal aspiration and drive, Bernard Tapie saw his fantasies become a reality inside only a couple of seasons, when in May 1993. Basile Boli scored the main objective in the European Champions League last against A.C. Milan held in the Olympic Stadium in Munich. Following 38 desolate years, France could at long last flaunt a group that had won a significant European rivalry. It appears to be extraordinary that only a month and a half later, Marseille’s and Tapie’s reality would be flipped around as he and his cherished club would be associated with an embarrassment that would impair the club five years and stain each triumph that they had acquired in the years that Tapie was in charge.

The embarrassment broke when a player from the mid-table French club Valenciennes, Christophe Robert made claims to the press that a Marseille player Jean-Jacques Eydelie had made a proposal to him and to his partners, to toss the game between the clubs that had occurred half a month prior to the last. Robert conceded that he had taken hush-money of 250,000 francs yet defeat by responsibility had not spent it, and on second thought had covered it in his Aunt’s nursery. The matter advanced into the police hand’s and after some tiresome cross examination Eydelie conceded that he had paid off Robert, yet under tension from the club’s then, at that point, head supervisor, Jean-Pierre Bernes.. From that point on all streets lead to president Bernard Tapie. Tapie eventfully admitted that he had approved the endeavored paying off of the Valenciennes players as he needed to have the association title planted up so as the players could be allowed to focus on the last against Milan. คาสิโนบาคาร่า

Marseille were deprived of the French title that season and later consigned to the second division not in view of the paying off outrage over monetary normalities. Tapie, Bernes and Eydelie were subsequently detained.

The paying off embarrassment constrained Marseille to surrender their 1992-93 Division 1 title and the option to play in the UEFA Champions League 1993-94, the 1993 European Super Cup and the 1993 Intercontinental Cup, just as being downgraded to the subsequent division. The inadequate remuneration that Tapie could get from the entire ignoble undertaking was that his adored Marseille were not deprived of their Champions League.

Since the embarrassment of 1993 Marseille have neglected to win a solitary prize and Tapie has disappeared from the French football scene


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