Italian Pride Hit with the Sentences for the Calcio

After they won the World Cup, Italy ends up in one of the greatest match fixing outrages in the decade. Four of the greatest clubs on the Continent have been as of late viewed blameworthy of paying to have the walks fixed and the extreme disciplines incorporate downgrade and focuses derivations.

Juventus, the heroes, where consigned from Serie A to Serie B and they were given a 30 point allowance for next season. Fiorentina was likewise consigned to Serie B and hit with – 12 focuses for next season; Lazio, consigned to Serie B and moored seven focuses. Milan moored 44 focuses in last season’s standings, dropping them to eighth spot and outside the passing spots for European contest, the Milan was not consigned and they will begin next season with – 15 focuses. Gadgetหูฟัง

The size of the discipline is hard to appreciate for some. Just Roma among the bosses of the beyond 15 seasons stay immaculate. Those four have won everything except two of the beyond 20 titles. Be that as it may, the reaction to the sentences has been blended inside Italy. It certainly strikes around 20 million fanatics of the soccer in that country, since their best players are presently compelled to play abroad.

Some say that the sentences are not reasonable since the game of soccer in general isn’t bad, and some idea that this sort of equity is the stuff to clean the calcio from defilement. What’s more some say that the following stage ought to be to rework the principles of Italian soccer to keep this from happening once more.


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