Football Trivia

Random data is an assortment of shallow data. Football random data manages football random data. Fans love to gather random data about their cherished games or stars. Here are some intriguing football random data:

  1. 265 million footballers exist worldwide and around 90% of them are men.
  2. A top player has 10% danger of injury during a game following seven days of preparing.
  3. A normal chief association club has a yearly benefit equivalent to a store branch. They are not so rich as you would might suspect.
  4. Groups that go into first punishment shoot out win 60% of the time.
  5. Most European nations see a decrease in the self destruction rate when football matches are on.
  6. English players wore their names on the rear of their shirts interestingly during the year 1992 European Championships in Sweden.
  7. At 38 years old years and 2 months, Leslie Compton turned into the most seasoned player to make a big appearance for England when he played against Wales in year 1950-51.
  8. Tommy Lawton of Chelsea holds the record for the quickest objective by an English player. He scored an objective in 17 seconds in England’s match against Portugal in year 1947. แนะนำเว็บออนไลน์
  9. Alan Murray of Spurs was the main English player to be shown a red card in a worldwide match. This occurred during a match among England and Yugoslavia.
  10. The principal worldwide football match that didn’t include a British group was played between the United States of America and Canada. Canada dominated the game, 1-0.
  11. Britain played their first game on unfamiliar soil in Austria against the hosts. They beat Austria, 1-0.
  12. Without precedent for year 1956, the Home International Championship completed in a 4 manner draw with every one of the four groups having 3 focuses each.

This is only a hint of something larger. There are all the more such stunning football random data accessible on the Internet for excited football


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