Is Marta Too Expensive for the Women’s Football/Soccer?

At the point when Marta began playing proficient outside of her nation of origin, Brazil, she was youthful and got compensated a typical compensation as some other capable female player.

From 2004-2008 Marta played 103 games for Umea IK and scored 111 objectives. This presentation stood out enough to be noticed and many clubs on the planet needed Marta in their crew. Then, at that point, the “issue” began. Umea needed to go out and observe cash that has until recently never been known in the footballs history. At the point when Marta left Umea subsequent to winning many titles with the club, the club nearly got bankrupt. 2010 Umea played with a youthful crew subsequent to losing every one of their stars on account of a genuine monetary issues. แนะนำเว็บพนันบอล

Marta finished paperwork for Los Angeles Sol 2009 and played one season there. Marta was named the MVP (most significant player) of the year. Everyone believed that Marta would be the key for the WPS turning into the best ladies’ association throughout the entire existence of the game. In January 2010 the shock came. Los Angles Sol quit from the WPS in light of genuine monetary issues. Marta was allowed to join some other club.

Marta finished paperwork for Gold Pride 2010 and played one season there. Gold Pride won the association and Marta named the MVP once more. Almost certainly that Marta is the most known female player throughout the entire existence of the game however at that point the new shock comes to the real world. Gold Pride doesn’t exist any more. Marta’s third club experiences genuine monetary issues.

The inquiry is: Is Marta worth the cash that no club is by all accounts ready to deal with?

Sign Marta and your club fails? We can respond to that inquiry one year from now.


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