USC Football Statistics

Are you one of those who love to watch almost every match in the college football? For sure you know that one of the most interesting numbers in the college football is the statistics of the USC Trojans. The Trojans have showed several winning streaks and improvements in their numbers during the past years. Almost every year the Trojans have managed to deliver satisfying numbers except in 2003. Since then the Trojans have managed to beat their own charts for the previous years. As seen in the USC football statistics they experienced a fall in 2003 from high ranking 2002 figures but they have managed to regain good numbers in the following year.

The developments and the changes in the USC football statistics have caught the attention of most of the football enthusiasts especially the sports bettors in every football game. They USC statistics reflect all the possibilities that might happen in every football game. The consistency of the individual statistics of the USC players shows a strong college football team. But their team statistics usually show results that differ according to their opponents and the venue of the games. Whether home or away it affects the performance of the team. Sports bettors rely on these numbers and conditions to determine the team where they can place their bets.

When we talk about USC football statistics in this article, we are referring to the figures of the USC Trojans. There are two teams in the college football in the NCAA Division I-A that uses the USC name, the South California Trojans playing in the Pacific Ten Conference and the South Carolina Gamecocks in the Southeastern Conference. To avoid confusion we pointed out the use of the USC Trojans’ statistics. รู้จักกับของสะสม

The study of the football statistics particularly the USC football statistics is not only limited for the sports bettors. The other teams especially the teams that usually face the Trojans during the elimination or conference finals also study these figures and numbers. The Trojan players and their coach also devote more of their time to review their own statistics. Through their statistics they can identify their weaknesses and they can address the problems that they have committed in their previous game. In this way they will not commit the same mistake again on their next game. They can also assess the development of their team through their annual team statistics and standings. Like what happened in their 2006 statistics. Their statistics for 2006 fell down and was almost the same as their 2003 performance. In the 2006 downfall they identified the turnovers as the main cause of the fall. They forced a few turnovers on their opponents that led to lower runs and points for their team.


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